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Smartphone marketing
Linked to your Point Of Sale system.*

Tether your customers by using a QR coded vehicle window sticker and their own smartphone - linked by Service//SMART.

Simply place this placard on your sales counter.

Then hand your customer a simple QR sticker for their vehicle.

And then take advantage of Service//SMART's great features


Features in more detail

Schedule Appointments

Visualized Data

Service History

Hunter Alignment Integration

MOTOR Data Integration

Coupons / Loyalty Points

Ease of Use

  • QR codes allow customers easy access to applications and features

Schedule Appointments

  • Create a service appointment right from your smartphone - no need to call anyone


  • Empower customers with charts visualizing when they should schedule their next service based on historical data

Service History

  • All details from a digital invoice - no need to hold onto the physical copy

Hunter Alignment

  • Hunter Alignment reports and images right from the Hunter machine

Data Integration

  • MOTOR data recommends next service based on vehicle manufacturer's specifications

Coupons /
Loyalty Points

  • Loyalty points & Coupons incentivize customers to stick to your shop

Text Messages

  • Text notifications before an appointment + the ability to respond to them and reach your shop

Instructions on how to use Service//SMART.

Demo Service//SMART.

Pricing with a special offer before the year ends.

Contact Service//SMART.

-Call or text: 217-390-8891.
-Email: sales@service-smart.net

*Service//SMART. can only display what data your Point of Sale exports to use.